Ultrakill NuFog Dual Action 325ml

Ultrakill NuFog Dual Action Aerosol 325ml

Cyfluthrin (pyrethroid)………. 0,25 g/kg
Propoxur (carbamate)………. 10,0 g/kg
Dichlorvos (organophosphate)………. 5,0 g/kg

A total release fogger treatment for the control of crawling and flying insects with the
additional benefit of limited residual activity. For use in homes, kitchens, restaurants, hotels and
industrial settings. For the control of Ants, Bedbugs, Carpet Beetles, Cockroaches, Crickets, Fleas,
Fish Moths, House Flies and Mosquitoes.

Reg. No. L10438 Act No. 36 of 1947
EMERGENCY NUMBER – Griffon Poison Centre: 082 446 8946


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