K-Obiol EC25 5lt

K-Obiol EC25 5lt

Deltamethrin (pyrethroid)………. 25 g/l
Piperonyl butoxide………. 225 g/l

An emulsifiable concentrate containing a residual contact pyrethroid for the
admix treatment of bulk stored raw cereals – maize, wheat, rye, oats and
sunflower stored in silos. Also for use as a residual spray treatment, thermal
fogging solution and for the treatment of bag stacks in grain storage facilities.
For the control of Confused Flour Beetle, Saw-Toothed Grain Beetle, Rust-Red
Flour Beetle, Rice Weevil, Granary Weevil, Maize Weevil and Flat Grain Beetle.
For the control of Tobacco Beetle on galvanised iron, raffia, hessian,
cardboard cartons and fibre cement.

Reg. No. L4586 Act No. 36 of 1947
Namibian Reg No. N-AR 1609
UN Number – 1993
EMERGENCY NUMBER – Griffon Poison Centre: 082 446 8946


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