Astron 15W UV-A Insect Control Light Bulb

Tube 15W UV-A Insect Control Light Tube with Protector

Tube 15W UV-A Insect Control Light Tube with Protector

For Use in the VECTOTHOR Osprey & VECTOTHOR Peregrine 3 Insect Light Trap

With the UV-A light output optimised to perfectly match the house fly’s vision spectrum,
ASTRON lamps guarantee you catch more flies more quickly.
* CE-Approved.
* acc. IEC 60.335-259 International Standard for Insect Exterminators through
* Compliant with RoHS Standards (Removal of Hazardous Substances).
* Approved for use in HACCP (Hazard Analysis at Critical Control Points) Approved Food
* Shatter-proof coating from DuPont. FEP (Teflon) material is unmatched in quality (strength,
ageing profile, temperature profile and UV-A transparency.
* Guaranteed to survive a 4 metre drop with no glass fragments escaping from the
shatterproof sleeving.
* Light output targeted to meet the housefly vision spectrum of 300 – 420 nm.
* Lamps provide UV-A light for 9,000 hours (one year) of continuous use.


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